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The Oriental Moroccan and Algerian Gold Belt.?

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Emblematic jewels of weddings and religious ceremonies, oriental gold belts are a testimony to the know-how of artisan jewelers. Called ”  mdamma  ” for the Moroccan belt or ”  mahazma  ” for the Algerian belt, these models, both essential and timeless, dazzle with their mastery of detail.

Discover the meaning of gold belts in Moroccan and Algerian cultures, their composition and the price of a gold belt.

Emblematic Jewel, the Oriental Gold Belt

If some dream of an engagement ring, Moroccan and Algerian women dream of their gold belt. This ceremonial object that can be found in the windows of the best jewelers, arouses covetousness. It is especially the young girls who expect their fiancé, according to his means, to offer them the famous gold belt for the wedding .

The choice is so wide that it is difficult to find two identical ones. Most gold belts are 18k gold, rarely 22k gold. Their weight varies between 150 g and 500 g, with some exceptional pieces weighing more than 1000 g. There are also belts set with gold coins such as Napoleon, Louis or Sovereign. Thus, the price of a gold belt varies enormously.

The Moroccan Gold Belt

The Moroccan gold belt is formed of articulated rectangular plates, ornamented and often set with precious or semi-precious stones. Closed at the front by one or two larger plates, the latter are decorated. The sparkle of precious stones and the shimmer of wonderful colors give a special sparkle to the gold belt. Indeed, emeralds and rosettes enhance these jewels with a very special brilliance.

moroccan gold belt Set with Stones

The Moroccan gold belt is worn over a caftan or a takchita, traditional Moroccan long tunics, at the waist to highlight the cutout and aesthetics.

On average, there are about thirty gold belts per jewelry store. However, to have an overview of the tradition of gold in Morocco, you have to go to Fez. This town is full of old-fashioned goldsmith shops. It is in the detours of the alleys of the district of the old mellah of Fez that one can discover marvels of jewels in precious metal, representative of the art of traditional and modern jewellery. Fez is a veritable showcase of Moroccan goldsmithery.

To return to the gold belt, the new generation of the Moroccan bourgeoisie, although emancipated and very Europeanized, is not getting rid of the dream of the gold belt. Only the width and the weight change according to the means of the family. But the young brides will all wear a beautiful caftan enhanced with their gold belt.

The Algerian Gold Belt

The hezama expresses different symbols according to the regions of Algeria. But the common point bringing them together is that it symbolizes femininity. Often, the girl’s family may request a gold belt as a dowry for the wealthy.

What is the Price of a Gold Belt?

The price of a gold belt depends mainly on the cost of the raw materials to be supplied. It is necessary to take into account the quality and the quantity of gold (the price of an 18 carat gold belt will not be the same as in 22 carats), the price of gold coins, as well as the quantity and the quality of the stones.

The complexity of the work also influences the price. Indeed, the more the jewel requires know-how, is difficult and takes a long time to manufacture, the more the labor costs.

So there are all kinds of prices for a gold belt. Thus, the price of a gold belt will depend above all on the means allocated, because the characteristics are infinitely customizable on demand.

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How to Sell a Gold Belt?

Gold belts represent a heritage and are sometimes resold as part of a project or in the event of a hard blow.

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