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The English and fashion these things that change from home.?

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English and fashion

English fashion, what does it look like? A little trip to the Great Bretons to see how our colleagues dress, it sometimes puts party favors in the heart.

Originally published July 31, 2012

While the country of the XXL scone and the 6 p.m. meal, I named England, is busy because of the Olympic Games, I would like to talk to you today about the fashion that we see in the British streets when these are not shielded from invaders. And yes my little one, if the magic box of English fashion has opened up to us with the Topshop mail-order sale, the girls of France do not yet dress like the girls of the country of the Queen Mother. Between a London getaway and a week in the provinces, here are some things that caught my eye, to adopt at home or not.

The big cliché about our English friends is to say that they are not cold in the buttocks, and that they walk around with their buttocks half exposed in summer and winter. So yes, it must be said, the shorts of the British girls are often as short as the path between two neurons of Eve Angeli, the kind that you wear but with the vague anguish of thinking that you are only an obsessed Josée on the go. It is often cut off, the pockets protrude…

But you know what ? In English fashion, and even more in the big cities, almost everyone swings from it like on a hammock in Papua. You can lug yourself down the street in a dress as long as a t-shirt, it’s not going to raise the eyebrows of the morality police or necessarily attract all the green fathers in the area. The short has passed into mores, whereas in France, it bashes and it still implies in every corner. In my heart of Martin Luther King, I have a dream …

Come on, take out your haunches, it’s English fashion that orders you!

This cult of the 4 ever shorts brings us directly to the next point: in English fashion, all the girls wear short and tight. Like not just the ones that are screwed up like photoshopped Rihanna. Even those like you and me (it’s already sooooooooooooooo) with their cellulite, their thighs not necessarily caramelized, their bead around the belly.

With us, the tendency to hide your fat is to cling to the sacrosanct formula “leggings are not pants, so please cover your ass ” quickly, it shocked my Persian cat when I got out of the bath). Plus-size fashion bloggers, despite saying they don’t deprive themselves, rarely go out without covering their bottoms.

Yes, but here we are, in England, the vision of the body is not the same as in our country : the “acceptable”, “pleasant” body (and I put big quotes in all these expressions) is not necessarily thin ( for more info, you can re-read this paper ). The English see themselves overweight less quickly than Bibi, and are not afraid of their shapes. Fine girls are not prohibited from staying either.

So in English fashion, all the girls wear what they like as soon as they drop the uniform. Aesthetically, you can find it ugly or cool, but it’s freedom guiding fat. Seeing these uninhibited girls take charge of their bodies without being stared at by others  makes you want to get started too. To remember that life is shorter than shorts and that maybe we should stop taking the coquillard.

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